Gita for Yuva Swami Mitrananda & Yuvaveers




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Gita for Yuva  by  Swami Mitrananda & Yuvaveers

Gita for Yuva by Swami Mitrananda & Yuvaveers
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Well, if you thought Geeta was something meant for only the old and the boring, you must grab a copy of this book. We, at Chinmaya Yuva Kendra, were given a new insight when we learnt the Geeta. Yes, it was not boring, it was not all Sanskrit, it was not for old people. It spoke about everything that matters to us. And so, we decided, we would share it with every Yuva! It was hard because we were not experts in Geeta. But we had guidance from experts and an enthusiasm almost infallible. So we plucked out the best shlokas of this great textbook, translated them and interpreted them succintly in a way that was practical and liveable for a modern educated youth.

We hate to claim credits, but we are indeed proud that as Chinmaya Yuva Kendra members, we could create something so approachable. Whether you are upset or just confused, whether you just had a breakup or a warm moment with your parents, if you need a little more sense and meaning, a little more wisdom and guidance, just open a page of Geeta for Yuva.

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