Zóna úderu (Star Trek: Nová generace, #5) Peter David

ISBN: 9788071930983

Published: 2001


207 pages


Zóna úderu (Star Trek: Nová generace, #5)  by  Peter David

Zóna úderu (Star Trek: Nová generace, #5) by Peter David
2001 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 207 pages | ISBN: 9788071930983 | 3.73 Mb

I just loved this book! It was funny, witty, clever, intriguing, intense, insightful, and just plain fun! It was also a grand representation of the television series.In this installment, fairly early in the series, the Enterprise must deal with a planet which houses in its depths powerful weaponry more advanced than anything the Enterprise has encountered. Also to be dealt with are two races that are, if not *at* war, then very close to it. The Enterprise is sought to aid in a diplomatic intervention between the Kreel and the Klingons before interplanetary warfare breaks out. Much to Picard’s dismay, leaders from both races are to be brought aboard the Enterprise — a ship filled with civilians, and that has a Klingon as the head of security.Added to all this is Wesley (aka The Brain Trust) Crusher and his desire to help his “Elvin” friend Jaan, who suffers from a fatal disease.All this aligns for a fantastic book that I definitely got 5 stars of enjoyment out of.

Sure, if I’m being picky, for all the delightful humor, it’s true that, some of the characters were more humorous than they were on the series (but, other than that, the characters were illustrated very accurately!) And yes, there might have been a few very slight things that needed better clarification, but the overall story and the characters were fantastic. Definitely highly recommended!!****Have so far only read the prologue and already its awesome :D

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